On Long Island, Elyse Mayer is known as

someone who can connect with the best.


Life is all about making connections of one kind or another. Elyse Mayer felt a connection with the Long Island area the first time she saw its Gold Coast and drove through its beautiful neighboring communities. It was an immediate connection that would lead her to live and work there.


Another way Elyse has connected is through the viewfinder of her digital camera. Though her subjects vary greatly, her motivation is always to connect in one way or another. Her images can be created to express natural beauty, capture a candid moment, or merely relay visual information. Each picture may be viewed instantly on the camera screen or posted on her Web site to make a connection with an infinite number of Web surfers. Elyse also enjoys creating images which only require the more traditional tools of paint brushes, watercolors, canvas, talent and patience. Whether it’s through photography or with paint and brush, her goal is to make a connection with her audience.


Naturally Connected


Elyse also possesses a wonderful knack of connecting with the people she meets. This unique talent is the perfect complement to her outgoing and caring personality. It’s exactly this innate ability to quickly relate with people and understand their needs and goals that has propelled her to become one of the area’s leading Realtors.®


Elyse’s affinity for forming a bond with her clients has served her well. “It’s important for me to get to know my clients quickly so that I can learn what they really want,” Elyse says. “Each client is unique, with a different set of objectives. I really make a point of listening to understand my clients’ motivations and needs.” Gaining a thorough knowledge of both her buyers and sellers is instrumental in achieving the optimum results for them.


Doing What She Loves


Elyse enjoys the work she’s doing and it shows. “I like to use humor while I’m working,”    Elyse says. “It’s important to keep the positive energy flowing through the entire process.” She also knows the value of keeping a balance.” The decisions made while selling or buying a home can affect the lives of many people,” she says. “I let them know I understand the importance of this and I always reassure them that I will take care of all the details to the end – and I do!” Elyse has the kind of spirit that thrives on hard work and the thrill of pulling together all the elements of a successful transaction. As warm and friendly as Elyse is, she is also a skilled negotiator who knows how to look out for her clients’ best interests. “I work in a beautiful area with many desirable homes,” Elyse says. “Sometimes you need to act fast to get the job done.” Her results speak for themselves. That’s why her clients have learned to rely on Elyse to make their real estate connections. Your Time to Connect It doesn’t matter whether it’s Syosset or Woodbury, Oyster Bay Cove or Jericho or anywhere along Long Island’s Gold Coast, Elyse Mayer will connect with you. When you need to entrust a real estate professional with your next home sale or purchase, then naturally you should count on Elyse to make your   connection.